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  • Adjustable size: The smart hula hoop has a minimum of 11 knots and a maximum of 15 knots that are easy to disassemble and assemble. Therefore, you can adjust the waist size according to your needs (minimum approx. 63cm and MAXIMUM APPROX. 99 CM)
  • 360°surround massage: 360°surround uses slide rails and inertia to massage the waist muscles to reduce fat. The smart hula hoop burns fat three times faster than normal hula hoop!
  • Durable material: Environmentally friendly abs material, higher strength, better fatigue resistance, soft silicone massage contact, massage when moving, with a multiplier effect.
  • Free your hands: You can play, record and listen to music on your phone without worrying about the hula hoop falling off, easy to use and carry.
  • Efficacy: Suitable for postpartum mothers (tighten belly fat), students (waist exercise), white-collar workers (relieve fatigue and relieve meridians).